Legacy is a word rich in tradition. While it's often associated with history, legacy is also about how you live your life today and provide for future generations. It is the example you set - for your family, in leadership, in your community.

By including Saint Mary's College in your giving plans, you will join a growing movement - the Lasallian Legacy Circle - of alumni, family, and community members committed to ensuring our future. It's a community created in honor of Brother U. Albert Rahill for his leadership and unwavering commitment to the College.

All are welcome in this circle - new graduates and treasured alumni, individuals and families, dedicated faculty and staff - anyone wishing to enrich your life through giving.

Gather annually on campus, exchange information, celebrate your commitment, and most of all, unite with others in your decision to have a direct, positive and lasting impact on the College - and the future.

Connections that Count

We are created for community and connection, for family. It's a celebrated and shared bond among Saint Mary's students. We see the connection every day when alumni, families, and friends return, a magical feeling of warmth, a sense of "welcome home" few campuses convey.

Committing to something bigger than yourself - even bigger than your immediate family - feeds that connection. It's a meaningful way to have a real, immediate, and lasting impact. As you think of the future and the legacy of your life, we encourage you to make Saint Mary's part of that giving pledge and join our legacy circle.

Remember When

Think back to when you decided Saint Mary's would be your school - or when someone close to you did. Location. A picture-perfect campus. Small class size. Catholic identity and Lasallian principles. A standout sports program. The line-up was alluring - and still is.

But what really forges the connection - the reasons why Saint Mary's is beloved by so many - is less about a punch list and more about the heart. It's tied to what you experienced on campus, who welcomed you in and became part of the person you are today. Thoughtful conversations in Seminar. Evening Mass at the Chapel. Guidance from the Christian Brothers. Cheering on the Gaels. Traveling with professors in Jan Term. Celebrating De La Salle Week. Saturday of Service. Painting the SMC. Deep, life-long friendships, and rich connections. These are the roots of a Saint Mary's College experience.

Powered by Planned Giving

Planned giving is a way of saying you are committed to giving back and making the Saint Mary's experience possible for future Gaels. It's planning and executing your desire to show and share your gratitude, a way of connecting directly and intentionally to what matters most. You make plans to grow your investments, shouldn't the same be true for how you give?

In fact, making plans to give is the best way to ensure a Saint Mary's education is within reach today and for the next generation of students, faculty, and leaders. And that the College remains a trusted, cherished institution within the Moraga community and world beyond.

Planned gifts have made endowed professorships, scholarship and research in the arts, math, and sciences possible. They've provided the needed funding for buildings such as Brother Jerome West and Filippi Hall. And they have created endowed scholarships helping students with financial need, non-traditional students return to school, and student-athletes focus on the sports they love. State-of-the-art science equipment, additions to our renowned collection of early California landscape art, travel scholarships for Jan Term, and funds for sports teams to travel to away games and more - have all been powered by planned gifts.

Click here to download the Lasalian Legacy Circle brochure.